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I’ve prepared a small freebie that consists of an amended Divi Fullwidth Slider module and a bit of CSS and jQuery.

The slider has 4 slides and will work with 2, 3, 4, and 5 slides however, this can be extended by adding a bit of jQuery (which is located in a code module below the slider).

The cool feature of this slider is the image navigation which is automatically taken from the particular slide background so you don’t need to write any additional code.

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My name is Richard and I created my first website early at high school. I love the world of web design as well as the amazing and supportive Divi Community. As for the services I offer, I mostly work with firms and take care of their online presence but I also work as a sub-contractor for other web design studios.

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I’ve been working for agencies across the US and Western Europe for the past years. My goal is to create strong long-run relationships and become a trusted & reliable partner.