I’m Passionate About Web Design

I created my first website at the age of 14 and started to feel very passionate about web design immediately. Since then, I have used every opportunity to learn more from the world of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, UX, UI, e-commerce, and more.

I believe that the most important aspect of each (commercial) website is its ability to turn visitors into paying customers. The existence of each website has a purpose and regardless of what the purpose is, the task of web designers (and related digital marketing specialists) is to do the trick and come as closer to fulfillment of the purpose as possible. 

I view web design as partly emotionally driven field (influence of visual elements on user’s behavior) which eventually leads to ‘hard science‘ analysing various data and optimizing the UX experience for better conversion.

A great example is Facebook app which has changed its UI so many times and I bet it’ll keep changing in the future. The reason is constant analysis of user behavior and focus on improving the UX that eventually leads to better business figures. 

This is how I view the role of web design. 


I first met the Divi Theme and absolutely loved it.


Got my first clients and registered my business while still on high school.


Graduated from high school in Vienna, Austria, and started college.


Got the bachelor’s and started my web design business full-time


In addition to my white-label business, I started a digital agency.

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