I’m professional

Web Designer & Divi Expert

My Focus is Concentrated on

… creating tutorials & freebies around Divi

I’ve been working with Divi since 2015 and I’m excited to share what I know what the amazing Divi community.

… running a digital marketing agency

At 10Degrees.co we focus on pixel-perfect high converting websites and other digital marketing services.

… working for other agencies as white label

I’m a reliable white label partner of marketing agencies across the US, Canada & Germany.

Latest Tricks and Tips around Divi & WordPress

What the Community Says About Me

    I Love Designing Websites

    I love web design and often end up in “flow” while working on clients’ websites. Even though a successful website should look nice, its main goal is to bring leads. After designing and developing dozens of websites for clients from various industries, I have a strong eye for a conversion-optimised website.

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