Bricks Builder Web Designer & Developer

I create unique digital experiences using the Bricks Builder. My expertise ranges from developing simple websites to complex ecommerce projects, membership websites, and LMS platforms. As a reliable partner for agencies across the US, Canada, and Germany, I have the skills and knowledge necessary to bring your vision to life.

Bricks Builder backend user interface

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    White Label Bricks Web Designer

    With over 5 years of experience as a white label web designer, I’m a reliable Bricks partner for marketing agencies and web design studios across the US and other countries.  In addition to 2 years of experience with Bricks Builder, my clients appreciate my responsiveness, reliability and creativity when it comes to finding the best solution for functionalities the clients search.

    My portfolio mostly consists of white label projects in which I usually have the role of a web developer and a long run website maintenance support.

    Why Work With Me

    Strong eye for design


    High Responsiveness

    Advanced CSS/jQuery knowledge

    Advanced CSS/jQuery knowledge



    I’m constantly adding new websites to my Bricks builder portfolio since I switched to Bricks as my preferred tool in 2022. I had the opportunity to work on a car seller’s website in Texas, Inspire School of Arts in Chico, CA, Airbnb host in Germany, and many other white label projects. Please, get in touch if you’d like to see live URLs.

    Mockup of the Inspire School of Arts in Chico website

    Inspire School of Arts in Chico

    Bricks builder website for school

    Mockup of a website for an Airbnb host from Gera, Germany

    Airbnb in Gera

    Bricks builder website for Airbnb

    Mockup of website - a car seller from Texas

    Quality Classics

    Bricks builder website for car seller

    Why I think Bricks Builder Is the Best Choice

    Having used the Divi builder for more than four years, I discovered Bricks and have since made it my go-to tool of choice. From my perspective, Bricks is presently the most intricate and fitting page builder for WordPress, excelling in dynamic content, seamless integration with ACF, exceptional performance and accessibility, SVG support, and boasting numerous exciting features that are yet to be released. I’m particularly fond of Bricks’ capacity to generate intricate layouts with the help of flexbox and CSS grid.

    Website mockup for puppy store
    Website mockup for garage door company
    Website mockup for medical company

    You May Want to Know

    How does your pricing work?

    Typically, I charge project-based rates and require a 50% upfront payment. While I may not be the most economical option, I strongly believe that my services deliver significant value and return on investment for my clients. If you’re interested in discussing pricing for your agency, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Do you also offer white-label website maintenance?

    Yes! Please, get in touch.

    Do you develop projects on your or client's servers?

    To ensure maximum efficiency during website development, I must work with a hosting service that offers sufficient performance. Regrettably, some of the high-end “recommended” hosts fail to meet this requirement, hindering my workflow. Therefore, to deliver top-quality work, I rely on Hetzner servers and develop projects on either my account or that of the client.

    What languages do you speak?

    I speak fluently English and German (and Czech).

    Do you only work with Bricks?

    I also work with the Divi but Bricks is currently a better fit for more complex sites (including eCommerce) and for projects which prioritize performance.

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