January 30, 2021

Cool Divi Slider


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I’ve prepared a small freebie that consists of an amended Divi Fullwidth Slider module and a bit of CSS and jQuery.

The slider has 4 slides and will work with 2, 3, 4, and 5 slides however, this can be extended by adding a bit of jQuery (which is located in a code module below the slider).

The cool feature of this slider is the image navigation which is automatically taken from the particular slide background so you don’t need to write any additional code.


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Cool Divi Slider
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Mas Bok
Mas Bok
1 year ago

I really like this slider. i would like to make it less high how can i achieve this ?

1 year ago

hi richard
is there a way to change the slide background transition
now they all slide in from the right i want them to zoom or fade in

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