Divi vs Zion Builder: Which One Is Better in 2023

February 24, 2023

I’ve been using Divi for over 5 years and until recently, it has been my only tool. However, with a lack of development in recent years, other builders (such as Bricks, Oxygen, and Breakdance) started to take over in terms of complexity, performance, and flexibility.

In this article, I’m going to compare the Zion Builder with Divi. The developers of Zion claim that it’s the fastest page builder on the market which could be a huge benefit when compared to Divi as Divi is rather a slower builder.

Divi vs Zion Builder

About Zion Builder

This relatively new page builder has been developed by Romanian developers and as a web designer myself, I think that its own website is the nicest one in the game.

Zion Builder has a clean and intuitive interface, with a drag-and-drop editor that makes it easy to build custom page layouts. It also highlights the plugin’s pre-designed templates and blocks, which can save time and help users create professional-looking pages.

In terms of design capabilities, Zion Builder offers a range of styling options, including typography, colors, and backgrounds. It also supports custom CSS, making it a good option for more advanced users.

Zion Builder interface

Zion Builder interface

Similarities with Divi

As a Divi user, I can say that the user interface of Zion is deeply inspired by Divi. Here are some of the similarities:

The Theme Builder

The user interfaces for building custom templates for various pages, post types, and archives pages is very similar to Divi. It’s hard to imagine that Zion Builder developers haven’t been inspired by Divi’s UX. As someone who actually like Divi’s UX, I think this is a big plus.

UX of Theme Builder in Zion

UX of Theme Builder in Zion

The PopUp Way

Like Divi, Zion Builder uses popups for designing. When you want to modify the settings of an element, a popup will appear. Similar to Divi, there are three tabs available, including Styling (Design in Divi). This feature is distinct and sets these two builders apart from the competition.

Building in Zion

Building in Zion

Many Pre-Designed Templates

For users who do not want to create their websites from the beginning, this is an excellent addition. Zion Builder, like Divi, provides a range of attractive pre-designed templates that can be used for your next project.

Zion vs. Divi: Price

Zion Builder offers a free version, but Divi is a premium theme that requires payment. In my opinion, offering a free version first is a better approach, as it allows users to become familiar with the product before deciding whether to upgrade to the premium version. The premium version of Zion Builder starts at $39 for one website and goes up to $249 for a lifetime license, which is comparable to Divi’s lifetime pricing.

Zion vs. Divi: Community

Regarding the community around these two builders, Divi is more extensively supported by various extensions that can add essential functionality to your site. There are numerous Facebook groups of Divi users where help can be found, and Divi is clearly the winner when it comes to support.

Number of Divi users

Number of Divi users

Zion vs. Divi: Performance

If performance is your top priority, then Zion Builder is the way to go. Several videos online demonstrate that Zion is among the fastest WordPress page builders, both in the backend and, more importantly, on the frontend. As we know, the performance of your website can improve your SEO rankings and increase your overall conversions.


Zion is claimed to be the fastest page builder on the market, while Divi is more extensively supported by various extensions and the community. The choice between Zion and Divi depends on the user’s priorities, with Zion being the best option for those who prioritize performance, while Divi is still the winner in terms of support and community.

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