Formidable Forms vs Gravity Forms: Which One Is Better In 2023?

March 4, 2023

As someone who has used a variety of form plugins for WordPress, I believe that Formidable Forms and Gravity Forms are among the best on the market. While I have also worked with Forminator, WP Forms, Contact Form 7 and others, I consider Formidable Forms and Gravity Forms to be the most complex form solutions for WordPress, enabling users to create much more than just a simple form.

The Level of Complexity

Both Formidable and Gravity are highly complex plugins, but in my opinion, Formidable comes out on top. Here are some reasons why:

  • Advanced charts and graphs: Formidable allows users to create advanced charts and graphs from form submissions.
  • Repeater fields: Formidable has the option of a repeater field (nested forms) which allows for more advanced and complex forms.
  • Conversational forms: Conversational forms are a unique feature of Formidable, which provide a better user experience.
  • Better UX: Formidable has better user experience and is more intuitive.
  • Better styling options: Formidable has better styling options, without the need for CSS knowledge.
Formidable Forms UX

Formidable Forms UX


When it comes to pricing, Formidable starts at $79 a year for the basic license, but there is usually a discount available. I personally have the highest license, which costs $599, but it is often discounted by 50%, which brings it down to $300. One huge advantage of Formidable is that its business model is freemium, so there is a free version available for download in the WordPress repository. Gravity, on the other hand, starts at $59 and the highest package costs $259 a year, which is a better overall price. When it comes to pricing, Gravity Forms wins, but the difference is not significant.

Pricing of Gravity Forms in 2023

Pricing of Gravity Forms in 2023

Third-Party Extensions

Gravity Forms has a larger community, and there are more third-party add-ons available for it. However, these are mostly paid, so what a Formidable user gets included with the license (e.g., repeater fields), a Gravity Forms user has to pay for by purchasing a Gravity Wiz license. Gravity Wiz is a great addon that adds so many extensions that it’s worth taking a look.

Gravity Perks from Gravity WIZ

Gravity Perks from Gravity WIZ


In conclusion, while Formidable is my personal preferred tool due to its complex functions and features, when considering complexity, price, and third-party add-ons, Gravity Forms is the winner in this comparison. Both are great plugins, and choosing between the two depends on the user’s specific needs and preferences.


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